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    July 21 .. The end of the right to subscribe to the capital increase, "Marseilia" with 20
    Announced that the General Authority for Financial Control agreed tentatively from the Marseilia Egyptian Gulf Real Estate Investment, publish the invitation to existing shareholders to subscribe for shares of the capital increase of the company's issued from 40 million pounds to 60 million pou ...
    Marseilia Florennce El Montazah Opening
    Florence opening celebration... Ahram news 29/11/2014
    Live As a King..

    Akari - Al-Ahram Realestate Exhibition
    Marseilia Group the leading real estate developer in Egypt
    Marseilia fascinates the visitors of Alahram Exhibition(Akari 7) with it's unique architecture projects ...
    "Marseilia": LE 800 million first phase of the investment project Mersa Matrouh tourism ..
    Ahmad Allam wrote: Tamer Amin, Director of Investor Relations Company "Marseilia Egyptian Gulf real estate investment," in a telephone call for "direct" that the company has signed an agreement with and share with the Federation of the occupants, Mr. Abdul Rahman to set up a tou ...
    June 12 .. Right end distributions "Marseilles Gulf" free
    Committee decided under securities being shares issued capital increase of the company "Marseilia Egyptian Gulf Real Estate Investment" of 25 million pounds to 40 million pounds, an increase of 15 million pounds distributed over 15 million shares with a nominal value of 1 pound per share ( ...
    "Marseilia" signed a partnership contract to set up a tourism project Marsa Matrouh at a c
    Board of Directors signed "Marseilia Egyptian Gulf Real Estate" hold a participation agreement with the occupants of the Union, Mr. Abdulrahman on a piece of land located area of Sidi Abdel Rahman - North Coast - Mersa Matrouh governorate, amounting to 100 acres for the establishment of a ...